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Environmental Protection Concept

Wood is a gift from God. As long as we grow trees, there will be wood. Like human beings, trees have a lifecycle. When they are not used after a certain age, they will become rotten and disappear. In general, the lifespan of trees varies from 30 to 300 years. Therefore, trees can be logged, provided that they must be grown, managed and logged under well planning. According to long-term study in Europe and the USA, the value, beauty and touch of wood are best shown when it is trimmed to about 0.6mm thick. When it is trimmed too thick, it is a waste of resources; if it is trimmed too thin, its simplicity and beauty disappears. Out of the respect for nature and cherishing the earth, Ho Bridge Enterprises makes the best management and use of 0.6mm veneers, in order to maximize the value and minimize the loss of wood. “Made by Hand” is the main appeal of marquetry works to increase their value. They may be cheap in terms of price, but it is never a waste of resources. Because of their beauty, people are glad to keep them for a long time. In addition to reducing the waste of resources from overconsumption, marquetry brings beauty to human souls. All materials are healthy and environmental friendly, including natural veneers, healthy and non-toxic primer, and non-toxic nano oil. Marquetry becomes an element of spatial aesthetics and a green construction material.